Flower Arranging Party.

Back in February, in an attempt to bring together my girlfriends to do something fun and different, I threw a flower arranging party. Today it is being featured by Verily Magazine, a women’s magazine with the tag line “less of who you should be, more of who you are.” I couldn’t be more thrilled to inspire others to do something similar!

You can read the post over here and then see more photos taken by my incredible friend, Colleen Pesci.

be a heart

An inspiration board and gold scissors for everyone!

Easily download this “how to” sheet! Easy Flower Arranging How To--Be A Heart

be a heartbe a heartbe a heartbe a heart

And my simple invitation

save the date

Happy Flowering!

Calligraphy Practice Book.

Calligraphy Practice Book

This may be the most exciting thing I have done yet with my calligraphy. My friend, Brett, over at Brooklyn Craft Company asked me to join her craft party and host a calligraphy table. I started brainstorming how to introduce people to the art of calligraphy. I reflected on how the most challenging thing about getting started (a year ago!!!) was that I couldn’t find letters to mimic or practice. For such a long time I only did lower case because it was similar to my regular handwriting, but finding a place to learn upper case letters was close to impossible.

I made a downloadable practice book for my etsy shop that will also be used at the craft party on Thursday. It has the full alphabet and numbers and includes arrows with numbers to guide you along the way. This is a great option so that you can print again and again because it is seriously only by practice that one can improve in this skill.

Happy Calligraphying!
All my love,

Home is wherever I am.

Home As I flew into Chicago this weekend, I sighed and thought, oh it’s so nice to be ‘home!’! I spent time with wonderful friends and wondered why I ever left. And now I’m sitting in the airport ready and excited to go ‘home’ to New York. For the next few weeks I will be bidding farewell to many people that I love and have met over the past two years as well as enjoying time with my brotherwho is visiting for a week. I’m excited to go to all my favorite spots and soak in all the things I love about the place. At the end of the month, I have a one way ticket ‘home’ to Phoenix. This is the biggest move I will have made so far only in that I have enough belongings now that they won’t fit in two suitcases on a plane and I have to have a moving truck. But in a way this is the easiest move yet.

A few days after I arrive home in Phoenix, I’ll be trekking out to LA with my brother to make a new ‘home.’

So what is with this word home. I used to think it was only possible to call one place home–the place where my life is. But with time I’ve learned how true it is what a therapist once told me—you have to be comfortable with your body being your home. No matter where you go, you are home. And my home has once taken roots in Chicago and Brazil and Brooklyn and Phoenix. In each of those places, I have grown and blossomed and then it was time to go. The wind blew and off I went to the next place for proper cultivation. When I go back, it helps contemplate where I was once, what stage of the journey I was on at that time and reminds me how much I keep changing and becoming more of who He made me to be.

I am filled with gratitude and love for all the people I have met along the way and who have offered so many lessons for me–the exact lessons I needed at the time.

This most recent rooting has blossomed me into full fledged womanhood. How wonderful it is to not wish to escape the body I despised for so many years. The body that had too many lumps and was never the size I wanted it to be. The body that is my dwelling place.

So here’s to uprooting my home once again and seeing what kind of growth the next soil brings!


Custom Calligraphy.

My blog is being purposefully abandoned more as I try to live more presently–and read more books. Lately, I’ve been really busy making prints by hand with my calligraphy. The orders just keep pouring in and I love it!

a simple hello for site

This one I made as a wedding gift for my friend. I hope he doesn’t read my blog because I don’t think he’s received it yet. He and his soon to be wife have a really cute story of how they met and then RE-met two years later. And the two shall become one This one was commissioned by someone for friends of hers!love much make everything beautiful namaste reiki



My cousin asked for these to be done for her home–some beautiful reminders.

I have two other really amazing ones, BUT they were too big to scan into the computer and in a rush to get them to the post office, I didn’t think to take a photo!

If you are interested in have a favorite quote written in calligraphy or event calligraphy, please contact me at erica . c . tighe @ gmail . com! I am currently working on getting a shop by formally with some beautiful little gems!

And if you didn’t see via Instagram! check out my new calling cards (photography by my friend Colleen Pesci) and some cute post cards I made! cactus post cards calling cards by moo


End of School Year Signs.

At work, I make what I like to call “campaigns” for the hallways and teacher areas (ie. the bathroom). As we’re nearing the end of the year, we are trying to remind everyone to be present in the here and now (even though the weather outside has most of us dreaming of being anywhere but here). Since I’ve put in some work on it, I figured I would share them here to download. Feel free to download and print!joy

be here nowbe presentstay positiveUntitled-1



erica copy

The Lady in Number 6.

Happy Holy Thursday.

Not to brag or anything, but this has been the best lent I’ve ever had. By some divine grace,  I was made aware of something in my life that in and of itself is good, beautiful, inspiring, but had caused a great deal of envy develop in my soul. I gave up looking at blogs as I said before (almost 40 days ago). It has been so freeing. It has taken away so much of my desire for material goods, given me more time to be present in my actual life and I compare myself less to others and what others have that I don’t.

Strangely it makes my eyes tear up at the thought of it. I’ve built in place of it a practice of gratitude for what I have and asking God to come into the places of my day where He was missing. I am so grateful that I listened to that little voice that popped into my head the day before Ash Wednesday.

Anyway, I watched this little documentary a week ago called The Lady in Number 6. It was incredible.

It’s only 40 minutes and can be downloaded here or watched on Netflix.

Let’s find joy amongst the suffering this Holy Week.


erica copy