Meeting the Parents.

So I met this man. I so badly want to say “a boy,” but he is indeed by definition a man–the kind that knows who he is, what he wants, and how to patiently wait. I’ll come up with a name for him soon enough. Tonight I am meeting his parents. EEEK. In a desire to share my vulnerability, I have not met a boy’s parents since I was in high school and we all lived with them. I was really calm about it all week–even excited to meet the two people that helped develop this amazing man–until today when I realized I didn’t plan what I was going to wear. I finally used my style Pinterest board to get some inspiration during the kids’ nap time.

It’s summer. It’s hot. We’re going to an old fashioned Italian restaurant near the beach. I need something that flows.

00019xvia here

1f9a6f90d1967b37bba2f6c3791f48f2via Elle

cacharelvia lola bits and pieces

tumblr_m16pfxUV3W1r5o2v5o1_500via here


via here

if only I had a tulle skirt…


via here


via Penelope’s collection last year

or something sweet like this

f1fdebd237ba03631c85059871fc20b6via steffy’s pros and cons

fc51e55155e08ad2f3ba04f6f2216016via la garconne

And if I had any skill whatsoever, I would do it like this:

959d71b169ff2ea54ef5634b9cd6fe7evia here

Hopefully they’ll accept me for their son, even if I don’t actually have any of these pieces. We’ll see what I can come up with before 6 tonight. Wish me luck!!



Teepee DIY.

Imagine my excitement when I saw this little teepee at a stoop sale on Saturday. I messaged one of my mothers that I work for that she needed to buy it until I realized, my golly! I need to buy it. So there it was, my very own teeepee. Of course,  I was 45 minutes from my house (that bike really carries me far) so that same mother had to come and pick me up in her car.

teepee DIY

With some impatience, I started that night to paint it. I had no pencil and no ruler, which was a huge mistake–don’t make it. I figured I could just draw lines WITH THE PAINT, but failed to think about measuring the triangle first. So then it went over the line.

teepee DIY

teepee DIY

After the first mess up, I waited until the next day and purchased a ruler and protractor. My geometry class finally came in handy.

teepee DIY

teepee DIY

Each side should be 5 times the length of the triangle side. The triangle that I made (you can buy rubber at the art store, or I suppose get a triangle stamp that is ready made) did not have equal sides (due to my impatience again) so two diamond sides are 29 cm and two are 28 cm. Draw with a pencil first so that you can erase the mistakes. I took measurements from the point to the bottom of the canvas (21cm) and from the two corners to the sides of the canvas (11.5 cm) to make sure that each panel would be equal and centered.

Here are my measurements, but remember yours could be different based on your triangle size.

Teepee DIY

I lined the stamp with the pencil line and stamped away. Then, I had to go and fill in with paint (although in hindsight, I actually prefer the natural stamp look)

teepee DIY

For the part beyond the diamond, I stamped three triangles together and then one below for both the top and bottom.

I decided that it needed something in the center so I freehanded the middle.

Teepee DIY,

Teepee DIY,

For the opening panels, I just replicated the middle pattern.

Teepee DIY,

And voila!

Teepee DIY,

Teepee DIY,

Teepee DIY,

And what you get are some really happy kids and great photo-ops. (And maybe an over happy adult, as well)

Teepee DIY,

Teepee DIY,

With love,



I have this thing for teepees, a bit how I have a thing for triangles. I’ve made an internet collection and just kept that dream of my own in my little heart.

il_570xN.368660527_njch(via houseinhabit on etsy)

51bd20c0dbd0cb1ebc001984._w.540_s.fit_(via apartment therapy)

how-to-make-your-own-teepee-diy-child-nursery-cup-of-jo-(via a cup of jo)

d5aab4549fb06f6ae28e0a77cae59d58(via design*sponge)


(via Mokkasin)

item11.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.jenni-kayne-10(via architectural digest)

Scandi-home-in-Berlin-7(via nordic design)

6a00d8358081ff69e2017744a2fc68970d-800wi(via a beautiful mess)

ModernEve_Playroom(via jute home)

ce2f513e821aa26a4163f3d3fcfb4886(via kelly murray)

715ab49096aa398b74f2f2c0f4bdee92(via love nordic)

1bda8bddf30b1027417c67a40064970f(via simple lovely)

So, when I found a teepee for $20 at a stoop sale this weekend, I was stoked beyond stoked.

Erica's Teepee

Stay tuned to see how I spruced it up later this week!

Happy Monday.



Friday Favorites.

219-001 My summer diet is based on popsicles and ice cream cones. These ones are the cutest (but seem like they’d take forever to make).


And taking a cue from all those beautiful colors, these natural dyes are great!

bc471c8ed07e11e2978222000aa80103_7and this darling photo sums up the story of my day to day life lately.


found this new tumblr. and am in love.


and then of course i want something so totally unnecessary, but they just make such a simple every day thing into something beautiful. could it be a metaphor? make the simple things into beautiful things.


currently in the market for a bed. I need a twin, so I need half of this…


I don’t eat that much cheese, but I would probably eat it more if I had one of these gorgeous cheese plates.


Vivian and I had seen some of these while in Toronto, but I didn’t feel like paying the price when I figured that I could make it myself. And now here’s this DIY to show me how!


and for some reason, I’m infatuated with these jars.

5e61503e44e77a256a20cdbef30f91a8LOVE this blue couch.


and the idea of non-paper paper plates.

interier-magazine-antique-tile-nook-kitchen-e1370928649549That I could serve food on from this kitchen.

backyard4at a party in my backyard that looks like this.

51c9aa3ed9127e144c000054._w.540_s.fit_Okay, that fantasy is over. How about this great “joy” neon sign?!

I hope you find a lot of JOY in your last weekend of June. Oh how fast time is coming and going.

All my love,


The lowliest.

Ms. EdrisYesterday I was on visits in the neighborhood like every Sunday afternoon. Pia and I were walking to visit our next friend when we saw another friend on the street. We stopped and she said “oh, there you are!” like she had been waiting for us. She was struggling to carry her very heavy bag of groceries home. Ms. Edris has a prosthetic arm she can’t actually use and instead just hangs there. So with her one good arm, she was walking with her cane, carrying the bag. I took the bag from her and we walked a few blocks to her house. We sat on her couch (that is covered in stuffed animals) and she told us how just a few minutes before we arrived on the street, she had told the store clerk that she didn’t need help carrying her groceries home because she was sure a friend would come along. She said, “God always sends a friend to help.” And there we were, her friends, to help her.

How many times do I not believe that God will send who or what I need. I am of so little faith.

Then at Mass last night, the priest was talking about how God uses the lowliest to teach us. I thought of Ms. Edris. She surely taught me. But then he added, that not only in social concerns, but in who we are. He uses our limits, those places we hold in shame of who we are, our worst sins that we don’t want anyone to know about, to teach us. Thank God. I have plenty of those areas.

Before I went to bed, I read an old Sponsor Letter that I wrote in Brazil. I wrote about the young girls who taught me to be happy despite the difficulties. I had forgotten that lesson. I have been in such a negative nancy mood. Feeling sorry for myself that things aren’t working as I want them to. And then I remembered that in those limits, that is where God can work.

Allow yourself to be lowly. Then grace will sweep you off your feet.


DIY Tablescape.

Sadly it has been a couple of months since I’ve had (or made?) time to make something. And my goodness, I had forgotten how refreshing it is for my soul.

Months ago, I had picked up two gigantic bags of fabric from a post on craigslist. At the bottom of the bag, I found a muslin fabric in a beige color, which I figured was great for practicing on my sewing machine. There I was, sitting on my bedroom floor, thinking. I never had much confidence in my own work so I tend to look at what others are doing and try to “copy.” So I decided to keep my internet browser closed and do something on my own. My sewing skills are pretty basic–only what I learned in a few lessons in Brazil. Right angles and lines, I could do that.

So I sewed up this table runner.

Sewing machine

With the other side of the fabric, I cut small rectangles to make little cloth napkins. Then I ran to the art store.

Navy is my favorite color. I picked up some nice navy fabric paint and a matching fabric dye.

I carved a few simple triangles from linoleum and stamped them onto the table runner.

triangle stamps

Next, I mixed up the fabric dye on the stove. I was a terrible person and didn’t do much measuring…. I just poured. When the mixture was hot, I dipped the fabric into the dye. There wasn’t much science to it, I kept it in until the color that I wanted. I laid them out to dry as I did the others. I added a bit more dye to make it darker and dipped them again.



I let them dry over night and Sunday I set up the tablescape.

DIY tablescape

DIY tablescape 2

DIY napkins

I just love the way they turned out. Now if only I had 12 hours to do this every day.