Found: Triangle Table Runner.

neon_triangles_table_runner_1afbaa10-e901-4e1d-8135-6ee3fd0307ec_1024x1024Obviously I fell in love with this triangle table runner. But $84 would really break my bank.

It reminded me of this table runner that I made for about $5 or less.

DIY tablescape

Won’t be back at the sewing machine today–I’m stuck in bed after a crunched back of some sort from yoga last night. I knew 25 was getting up there, but I wouldn’t exactly consider it OLD enough to throw out my back with a simple backbend.

I’ve got my eye on.

I think the best part about filling a home is finding things along the journey of life. The things that have a story behind them. And then there are things that I find on blogs or on pinterest that just scream “me.” Here are just a few

open-uri20130930-2-1culgi7This blanket to warm my freezing toes these first days of fall.

b7c7ed2d33e61a260638006747c912a1This gold frames print to mirror the glasses on my face.

3861f4b7e9b2669eca069bef4e404222I wish that I could buy this.


And this print by Vorstin. Do you see the faint HELLO?

Somehow time to leave for yoga always creeps up on me.



This has been happening to me lately. Lots of surprises. Just when I thought life was settling. Some good surprises and some bad surprises. After moving into our new apartment, I was a decorating mad woman. My new roommate must have thought I was crazy. I probably was. But it had just been SO long that I was waiting to have my own space–so many pins of inspiration! Due to some (landlord) issues, the decorating process has slowed down, but I thought I’d celebrate what has been done so far in our wonderful, little apartment. A place I’ve already loved having parties, crafting and cooking (rice and beans have REentered my daily diet post Brazil). (and FYI, this is a paper holder from the children’s section at Ikea for $6 that I suspended from the wall for notes!)


This chair, oh this chair. It only took me 3 Ikea trips to get you, but it was well worth it.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Ikea step ladder, natural wood, that I stained. Vintage GE fan that I spray painted gold found at a stoop sale for $5! And did you see the Catcher in the Rye?!!! The colors are just perfect.


Gorgeous stacking tables (3) for $25! Oh and the New York poster for $2 including the frame!! Do you spy the little red legs of the step ladder that I painted to tie it together?


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This couch has a crazy story of its own. Still needing more colorful pillows, but just haven’t found anything I’m in love with.


A simple table that we ended up just loving in here! Great for pulling away from the couch to seat more guests!

Processed with VSCOcamAlways creating new flower displays with my finds at the farmers market (with the millions of vases that I got for the gala!) to display my lovely ironing board. If you can notice, there is a mirror back there that I picked up for $2 at a stoop sale. This wall is in need of more art, but things really got halted. Dying for this, though.

Processed with VSCOcam

And a tiny peak into my room pre labeling and hanging things. I got the dresser on craigslist (gorgeous, no?) and the shelving from Ikea that I stained and added tiny gold accent stripes! The clipboards I made a while back and that cutting board I found on the street a year ago and finally sanded and stained it. It now holds a picture or two. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThen above my bed, I hung lots of bicycle pictures. I bought all these frames years ago when I was going to school in Chicago. In fact the whole thing except for that cool frame on the right that my roommate informed me was good for butterflies ($5 at a stoop sale) my mom brought to me on her recent visit. So glad I get to use these again and you all know I love bikes!

My brother came up with my new life motto: “When life gives you lemons, paint them gold.” I have been getting quite a few lemons, so notice all the beautiful gold decor!! I just googled that and this must be my life album.

Vintage Wooden Ironing Board Turned Serving Table.

Right before finding the teepee, I found this wooden ironing board for FIVE dollars. I couldn’t believe the price so I asked her four times to make sure I was understanding correctly. Despite my current inability to transport it home, I knew I just had to have it. At the Brooklyn Flea, which I frequent in my neighborhood (to look, not to buy) those things go for around $80. Even look here… $55! (It appears maybe the paper that I tore off was important?)

Vintage Wooden Ironing Board Bar -

Vintage Wooden Ironing Board Bar -

I sanded her down and then brushed on a stain/polyurethane. I got this one at the local hardware store.

I let it sit until the next day, lightly sanded it down again and passed the second coat of stain. I was amazed to see the difference that the second coat made (which I was almost too lazy to do…)

That night I had a little dinner party/gathering. I was so excited to use it as a serving table because the kitchen table is quite small (I am house sitting so I was lucky enough to have their lovely home as a backdrop).

Vintage Wooden Ironing Board Bar - the homemade napkins here? It was so nice to have something pretty to easily throw on the table.)

Vintage Wooden Ironing Board Bar -

I made “moqueca de peixe,” rice and black beans, which is one of my favorite Brazilian dishes.

Everyone loved it.


I’m contemplating using the ironing board as a fold up desk/bar/serving table/plant holder in my new apartment. It is the only piece of furniture that I own.

 Happy Monday! My last day with two of the four babies. I’ll expect some tears (from me, not them).



My Trinitarian Blessing.



So as most of you know, this has not been the easiest year for me. It is almost the one year mark that I returned from Brazil. I thought it would take a few months to re-acclimate to life. I imagined only living in Heart’s Home for two months and in that time finding my dream job (recall me stating that I would do anything, but be a nanny. 10 months later….). Of course encounters came, but nothing stuck. I often had the sense that I was trying to dig my nails in concrete. After six months, I became bitter. Didn’t God say that if I left everything and followed Him, that He would take care of me? In classic Erica fashion, I gave up on Him and doubted His existence. I was angry, ready to throw in the towel on New York and move home. Until one day, I realized that He owes me nothing and I owe Him everything. My perspective changed. The only thing that He promised was salvation and all the rest were my own projections and expectations. There it was that I tried to give up control, while at the same time recognizing that I needed to work for what I wanted with a commitment to live in reality. I would take what I was offered, do my part and be patient.


(my favorite words by Etty Hillesum) became my motto.

I spent hours job searching, while mindfully staying present in my current job as a nanny. I quit trying to figure out a housing situation and be happy with the roof over my head. And lastly, I took steps to delve into the discovery of why I constantly found myself dating the wrong type of men.

Then a friend texted me asking if I wanted to rent this incredible apartment with her (we’re talking washer, dryer, dishwasher, two baths, huge kitchen, perfect location). I said no, I needed a job first. A few weeks later it hit me that I was once again trying to control the order of what I thought should happen. Voila, just like that, I had myself an amazing living situation.

Next, I was panicking because one of the babies is leaving at the end of the month and I hadn’t yet any job possibilities. I was prematurely stressed about how I would pay rent and furnish the space. However, I decided to go to Long Island with some friends for the weekend to get away and breath. I met this man. In the beginning I overlooked him (I was sure he was into my friend), although this picture may prove something different. I had NO idea they were even taking a picture at this point and was in la-la land with this charming fellow:

kev and erica

First I got the apartment, then I got this good and holy man (and might I say handsome!!) that wanted to date me. I wish I could say that I was like Ms. Edris (from this post here) and could have said at first sight, “oh here you are. I knew you would come,” but I was still working on that trust that God would actually provide what I wanted. It took me a week to recognize that he was the one I had been waiting for.

The next week, in a matter of three days, I had two interviews and was offered a position at a charter school that is a 15 minute commute from my new apartment. They offered a great salary and wonderful benefits (+three weeks vacation!!). This happened to be the feast day of Saint Thomas–you know the infamous doubter who needed to touch Christ’s wounds to believe. And there Christ was whispering in my ear,

“oh Erica, ye of little faith.” I swear I could see Him with this cheeky little smile, so joyful to reveal these plans that He has been working on.

A friend reminded me that it was a “trinitarian blessing.” Three important things all in a month’s time. I wonder if that has something to do with my love for triangles– a symbol to reflect this perfect love–Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Remember the three times I was asked out in one day when I doubted last time??)

I share this story with you as a reminder (probably for myself more than you) that God loves His children and will orchestrate our lives if we allow Him. And as this holy man, whom I can now call my boyfriend, says to me on a daily basis:

tumblr_lrokra6FLl1qjj1vgo1_500(from this tumblr. that I love)

I can’t seem to wipe this damn smile off my face, but I’ll take the easy joyfulness while it last. I’m no stranger to suffering so it will surely return soon enough to push me to change, to grow, to learn. But for now, this is what I’m being offered and so I won’t complain.

With all my prayers for you. xxoo


Meeting the Parents.

So I met this man. I so badly want to say “a boy,” but he is indeed by definition a man–the kind that knows who he is, what he wants, and how to patiently wait. I’ll come up with a name for him soon enough. Tonight I am meeting his parents. EEEK. In a desire to share my vulnerability, I have not met a boy’s parents since I was in high school and we all lived with them. I was really calm about it all week–even excited to meet the two people that helped develop this amazing man–until today when I realized I didn’t plan what I was going to wear. I finally used my style Pinterest board to get some inspiration during the kids’ nap time.

It’s summer. It’s hot. We’re going to an old fashioned Italian restaurant near the beach. I need something that flows.

00019xvia here

1f9a6f90d1967b37bba2f6c3791f48f2via Elle

cacharelvia lola bits and pieces

tumblr_m16pfxUV3W1r5o2v5o1_500via here


via here

if only I had a tulle skirt…


via here


via Penelope’s collection last year

or something sweet like this

f1fdebd237ba03631c85059871fc20b6via steffy’s pros and cons

fc51e55155e08ad2f3ba04f6f2216016via la garconne

And if I had any skill whatsoever, I would do it like this:

959d71b169ff2ea54ef5634b9cd6fe7evia here

Hopefully they’ll accept me for their son, even if I don’t actually have any of these pieces. We’ll see what I can come up with before 6 tonight. Wish me luck!!