Friday Favorites.

I saw this necklace at Anthropologie yesterday. I had seen one VERY similar while in Brazil. I didn’t buy it because I thought the $R15 was too much money. This costs $38USD, which would be…. 76 reais. I started thinking… maybe the way to build a house for this beautiful girl is by selling her mother’s necklaces. The style that she normally makes probably wouldn’t sell that well here, but I know she could make some similar to this. I could sell them for $20 USD, which would make about $R40, which is what she would make in a day’s work. What do you think? Would people buy these???

I’m loving my new glasses from Warby Parker.

These scallops! (via A Merry Mishap)

This DIY to make this floral crown over at The House That Lars Built.

I will be moving to New York in less than one week. Loving this NYC travel guide by This is Glamorous.

(Image via French By Design)

This is what I have been planning all week. (And getting totally excited about it all)

I love all things hearts. (Image via Oh Joy!)

I love this post over on the Tinkerlab about how to fill your home with art. I believe so strongly in this concept (especially in framing your child’s art).

(image via Remodelista)

I think that I have been missing the adventures with my children lately. I miss those silly games where I would hide behind the door, in the bathroom, beside the house, and jump out and scare them every time!! We would giggle so much and arrive at Mass all riled up and look mischievously at each other.

Loving this art by David Oliveira.

(image via Revelment)

This is my motto, I think. There is no instinct like that of the heart. It took me to Brazil and now it takes me to New York. It leads to such wonderful adventures.

I have been having these very strange chills that run down my body many times per day. Not those kind of chills that make my body shake, but an inner chill. Have you ever had them? I get goosebumps like I am cold (but I’m not). Is this just a high energy running through me????? Any ideas?

Happy weekend!